Vacation Rental Advertising – Free Property Listings

Free property listing sites are a great way to get started in the Vacation Rental Business. You will learn how to create a profile for your property, and learn how to present your vacation rental property in the best possible light without misrepresenting it.Use the opportunity to run your ad listing for free to learn your best presentation and to learn your market. Every vacation rental home and its location is unique, and you will find a certain type of guest making the most inquiries. Over time this will tell you what features you will want to feature and highlight.When they call or e-mail you, talk to the potential guests as much as possible to see what else they really want. Follow up with them until they are booked. If they don’t book with you, at least find out pricing and other particulars about what they did book. Tell them about your “$100-off coupon” for next time they book with you, if they will spill the beans on what they’ve booked in your area. Then send them a coupon in the e-mail once they tell everything. This way, you may determine how to make your property stand out from the others available in your area; and you may get their booking next year.What are the main things your potential guests are looking for–is it having a second bathroom, being near a certain organization, needing a ground floor bedroom? While creating your listing profile, you will need to make some decisions about your policies. Will you accept pets, smoking, and children? Is your place friendly to those who are disabled? What are the tourist sites, and points of interest nearby? What amenities can you offer to make your listing more attractive?The ranking in Google is important in that any site with less than a 3 ranking will not bring much traffic. It takes effort and time to put up a property profile; and its important to “work smart” in choosing where to list your property. You could spend all your days with listing your property, but that’s not what the Vacation Rental Business is all about.Understand that while the free listings are helpful, it will be necessary to purchase paid listings as well, to be sure your Vacation Rental is as full as possible. You will want to expose your vacation rental property profile across the board, in order to maximize your bookings. Now that’s what the vacation rental business is about!

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